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No Win, No Fee: Queensland Personal Injury Accredited Specialist Services

The Personal Injury Lawyers is a law firm that does just what is says - handles personal injury compensation claims 100% of the time.

We are a law firm totally devoted to handling injury compensation claims whether they are the result of a motor vehicle accident, a workplace injury or injury suffered due to the negligent act or omission of another.  


We only do personal injury claims and we're well known for it

After many decades in the industry, we have become very good at helping people like you get thier Personal Injury compensation claim. 

You have nothing to lose or pay from letting us assess your claim, but everything to gain if we advise you that you have a viable claim.

Call us, email or chat with us to assess your claim or find out more about each service below...



Find out more about the most common injuries from car, bike, boat or cycle accidents.

We'll explain compensation from whiplash injuries to catastrophic injuries.

Even if you may have caused the accident you may be entitled to claim.

A work injury can be physical harm in the workplace but also stress-related, causing depression, anxiety and sleeplessness.

Don't suffer in silence or be stoic about an injury, talk to us and get help. 

If you've suffered an accident or injury in a public place. Even whilst visiting private, commercial or government premises, or perhaps as a contractor going about your work. 

You may have a personal injury claim and be entitled to compensation.


Whether a doctor, dentist, orthopaedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, psychiatrist or psychologist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, etc.

Each owe you a duty of care when providing treatment or advice for any injury or medical condition.

If not received, you may have a compensation claim.

Working in the hospitality industry comes with a high probability of injury.

Cuts with knifes or machines, slipping on wet floors, pulling muscles or injuring your back whilst lifting heavy loads, even abusive customers or robbers. 

If you've suffered you may well be due compensation.

Have you have suffered an accident or injury in a public place, whilst visiting private, commercial or government premises?

Perhaps as a contractor going about your work, you may very well have a personal injury claim and be entitled to compensation.

Find out more about claiming for many other services.

The Mining industry comes with its own unique set of tragedy's and injuries and we have  dealt with many.

From explosives, flooding, industrial equipment and machinery, poisonous chemicals and more.

Let us see if we can help get you compensation if due. It costs nothing to assess your claim.

The nursing and healthcare industry is fraught with injuries. From dealing with stress and long hours to needles, violence, infections, sprains and psychological traumas and under-staffing.

However we can help, and it costs nothing to assess if you have a compensation claim.


The Construction industry is prone to injuries. Falls from scaffolding, ladders and roofs as well as electrocution, falling debris, fire, explosions, chemical spills, even a simple hammer can cause personal injury! 

Talk to us, it costs nothing to assess if you have a compensation claim

How Much Compensation Can I Get For My Personal Injury Claim?

Try out our brand new compensation calculator to quickly and simply assess the basic level compensation. (Not including loss of earnings and other damages which we can help you add on.)

It's totally free, and if you need help just chat with us live, call or email or we can call you back.

Get our accredited Lawyers to assess your claim for free. Contact us now

If you have been injured as a result of any vehicle such as carbike or boat accident, or whilst at work, on holiday, or in many other situations you believe was caused by someone else's wrongful act or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Even if you think your actions may have contributed to your injury, you may still have a claim well-worth pursuing. Chat, call, email, or let us assess your claim, just press the button below.

There is no cost, and no obligation.

No Win, No Fee, Guaranteed

The good news is that at the The Personal Injury Lawyers we offer our expertise and services as injury compensation specialists on a 'No Win No Fee' basis.

If you don't achieve any compensation payment for your claim, then you will not be liable to pay our professional fees or any disbursements we have incurred in pursuing your claim on your behalf.


Some of our most popular and frequently asked questions are below. Don't see the answer to your question? Contact us and we'll answer it!

Looking for more? View all our Frequently Asked Questions. Remember if you have a question it's free and you under no obligation to chat with our Lawyers online, by phone or email. Better to answer that question and know than it go unanswered. Contact us today.

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