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Personal Injury News, Articles & Useful Guides On Compensation Claims

For many years we have won claims on behalf of clients, so we thought it prudent to gathering some of those extensive details about compensation claims, legal developments, interesting and relevant articles, guides and more, all in to one place.

Some of the articles are very comprehensive and dense, you can search above or view by each posts tags to find out more. Got a question? Contact us and we'll be glad to help you and clarify anything you need.

Common Injuries and Illnesses That Often Go Undetected

If you have ever had to make a claim, or are currently looking into making a claim for personal injury, you will likely be aware of the importance of time. This includes both the timeliness of seeking help for medical problems that arise after an event and also the timeliness of beginning any claims processes...

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3 Things You May Be Surprised You Can Claim For.

At The Personal Injury Lawyers, we are often met with surprise and gratitude when we advise an accident victim they may have a claim for what they thought was an unwinnable case. We’ve outlined some circumstances you may not realise you may be able to claim for...

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5 Things You Didn't Know About Compensation Payouts

As lawyers and personal injury compensation experts in business for over three decades, we know all to well, how to always fight for what is right for you, and to claim the most your are due. However, it's clear many don't understand how compensation after an injury works. Here are five things you probably didn't know about compensation payments...

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Road Rules you may not be aware of

There are some quite odd Road Rules in place that you may never have dreamed existed and really have no relevance to a present day highway, but there are also some unusual Road Rules that do apply to all road users today which you may very well not be aware of.  In this article we set out some of these more unusual Road Rules for you...

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For Injuries That Aren't Being Properly Treated Use Ryan's Rule

Introduced into Queensland in 2013, this Rule is named after little Ryan Saunders. Ryan was 3 years old when he became ill. He complained to his mother of having pain all over his body...

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Social Media - The New "Surveillance" In Personal Injury Claims

The case of Digby v The Compass Institute Inc & Anor, was the first to involve an order by the Court for a Plaintiff in a personal injury claim to provide a copy of all material contained in their Facebook account to the Defendant insurer...

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First Black Lung Compensation Claim In Decades Accepted

Black Lung Disease, also known as Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis, is a disease associated with miners working in poor work conditions back in days of old. Unfortunately, Black Lung Disease is back in the 21st Century mining industry. Disturbingly, evidence has arisen that suggests it never really went away, as was widely believed or promoted...

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