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For many years we have won claims on behalf of clients, so we thought it prudent to gathering some of those extensive details about compensation claims, legal developments, interesting and relevant articles, guides and more, all in to one place.

Some of the articles are very comprehensive and dense, you can search above or view by each posts tags to find out more. Got a question? Contact us and we'll be glad to help you and clarify anything you need.

Posts tagged psychiatric
Brissy Worker's Right To Compensation For Imprisonment In USA

An airline steward who suffered psychiatric injury as a result of being arrested and imprisoned in Orange County Jail in Los Angeles upon charges that were later found to be unsubstantiated, has won his case to claim workers' compensation for his injury...

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Harassed Tricare Worker Received $436,000 Compensation

Robyn Eaton was engaged as an administration assistant for nursing home giant, TriCare. She brought a claim against TriCare for psychiatric injury she sustained as a result of being placed under unreasonable workloads and stress due to lack of proper management in her work duties, and bullying and harassment she experienced on a regular basis at the hands of her supervisor and manager in the course of her work with the TriCare organisation...

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Surveillance & Facebook Reduced A Worker's Compensation Payout

Her Honour Justice Atkinson handed down a decision in the Supreme Court at Brisbane in the matter of Melanie Digby v The Compass Institute Inc & State of Queensland [2015] QSC 308.  In this case, the Court found for the Plaintiff, Ms Digby, a Disability Carer, who had sustained injuries to her right arm and shoulder whilst trying to catch a disabled youth from falling when startled by a police car siren and lights operated during a police presentation...

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Brisbane Truck Driver Awarded $1,052,000 Damages

Mr Kean Austin, represented by The Personal Injury Lawyers (formerly McCowans Lawyers), was awarded damages of $1,052,170.50 in the Brisbane Supreme Court.Matters in issue at the trial, other than the quantum of the Plaintiff's claim, were liability, contributory negligence and causation...

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5% Threshold And Work Injury Claims

Workers thought that they could breathe a little easier after the Queensland State Government handed down a decision in mid 2013 that it was going to retain the Queensland workers’ compensation system in relation to workers’ rights to pursue common law damages for work injuries...

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Extraction Of Important Provisions - Civil Liability 2014 QLD

You may be interested in the legislation that applies to many claims, including motor vehicle and public liability claims, for personal injury in Queensland. We have included excerpts from the Civil Liability Regulation 2014 as well as Psychiatric Injury Rating Scores...

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