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For many years we have won claims on behalf of clients, so we thought it prudent to gathering some of those extensive details about compensation claims, legal developments, interesting and relevant articles, guides and more, all in to one place.

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Rehabilitation after suffering a Personal Injury

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Not getting the proper rehabilitation may cost you both your health, and a lot of money

This is why you need to investigate if you can make a compensation claim.

Making a claim is also about ensuring the funds due to you, that you will need for rehabilitation today and in the future.

You may need funds for specialists and facilities you have not yet considered, and we aim to make sure that these are made available to you to maximise your recovery and rehabilitation. 


I've been injured but shouldn't I just carry on?

We're all generally made from quite tough stuff and a lot of injuries are resolved without complication, but there is no medal or reward just for being stoic whilst you have an injury.

Not fully assessing any damages after an accident can be deadly, and since you're entitled by law to seek compensation if you've suffered an injury by others, it's worth getting checked out by the best specialists you can, which is where we can help.


Will my injury get worse?

No one truly knows until you get checked and fully assessed, but generally the bigger issues we see can have a devastating effect on individuals’ and their families lives.

Debilitating injuries such as traumatic brain injuries can be the result of many different types of accidents such as work-related incidents or motor, truck, or bike crashes, a slip or a fall, or violent acts.


We get your rehabilitation funded as fast as possible

Brain injury, whiplash and post-traumatic stress disorder are all too common, and spinal issues can also lead to some traumatic life disrupting conditions after injury.

We help avoid these if we can, by working with you to get your rehabilitation funded as fast as possible.


Don't underestimate the need for rehabilitation or the costs

The right medical doctor and health specialists play a hugely important role in providing you, or your injured family member, with ongoing support in the community.

They help monitor for medical complications, behavioural and personality issues, social reintegration, carer coping skills and how best to cope with returning-to-work issues.

How much compensation will I get for my personal injury?

In three simple steps, get a basic indication (minus loss of earnings and other possible extras) of how much compensation you may be due.

Click the green button to use our new compensation calculator today.

 Why do I need to speak to a Lawyer after an accident?

It's absolutely vital to get checked and assess your injuries and to see if you have a compensation claim because rehabilitation may cost a lot more than you imagine. 

Plus, we offer a No Win, No Fee guarantee, and we've been in business a long time so we know how best to make sure if you are due compensation, you'll get the most we possibly we can for you. 

✔  There is only a small window in which you can make compensation claims in Queensland

✔  Even if you think your actions may have contributed to your injury, you may still have a claim well-worth pursuing

✔  Just press the button below, there is no cost, and no obligation to review your case