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Former Policeman Ordered To Compensate For Rape

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raped by a police officer while in custody at a Sunshine Coast watchhouse

A woman who was raped by a police officer while in custody at a Sunshine Coast watch house was awarded $15,000.00 in Criminal Compensation.

A Maroochydore District Judge ordered Peter Anthony Buxton pay the compensation to the woman, then 22, he raped on mattresses on the floor of a watchhouse storeroom in 2005.

The Court was also told Buxton tried to get the woman to flash her breasts and genitals at him during cigarette breaks in an area of the watch house that could not be seen by closed-circuit cameras.

In July last year, Buxton 55, was sentenced to six years jail after pleading guilty to 24 charges of sexually assaulting women prisoners, including one count of rape. 


mental shock that manifested as post traumatic stress disorder

The woman claimed compensation for the mental shock that manifested as post traumatic stress disorder.Judge John Robertson said it was obvious that “such a shocking event” as being raped by a police officer who was responsible for protecting her would be extremely traumatic.

However, Judge Robertson said the woman’s long history of conflict with police was sufficient to reduce the total amount of compensation awarded.

“The only ‘adverse impact’ which is not part of her PTSD is a heightened adverse response to police and people in uniform”, he said.


history of acrimonious contact with police prior to the offences

“Compensation… has to be discounted given that her long history of acrimonious contact with police prior to the offences as a result of the drug use and personality disorder would have contributed to her present attitude”.

Buxton and disgraced fellow former police sergeant Zane Anthony Slingsby are also being sued, along with the State Government, for almost $1 million dollars for sexually abusing several female prisoners.

A 27 year old woman at the time of writing was suing Buxton and Slingsby for $300,000.00 each for alleged assault and trespass. She is also suing the State of Queensland for $300,000.00 alleging negligence and breach of duty. 

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