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What If Workcover QLD Rejects My Injury Claim?

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What is Workcover Queensland?

WorkCover Queensland is a government body, providing workers' compensation insurance in Queensland since 1997.

They assist injured workers claims management process. 


How Can I contact WorkCover Queensland?

If you've had an injury at work, they are open 8am – 5:30pm Mon to Fri.

You can contact Workcover Queensland on:

Phone: 1300 362 128

If you are calling from overseas you can dial internationally on +617 3006 6714


What happens if WorkCover QLD or the self-insurer rejects my workers' compensation claim?

In some cases, WorkCover Queensland may reject an application for workers' compensation benefits, a specific injury, or what benefits should be paid in respect to a work injury.

Where this occurs, there are rights of review of such decision to the regulatory body, the Workers' Compensation Regulator (previously Q-COMP), or to the Medical Assessment Tribunal.


Strict Time Limits Apply To Most Claims In Queensland

It is very important to note that strict time limits apply when seeking a review of a rejection of a workers' compensation claim, injury, provision of treatment or payment of wage benefits.  

You only have three months from the date of receiving WorkCover Queensland's decision to apply for review of WorkCover's decision.  


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