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How To Prevent Neck And Shoulder Injuries

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Do you suffer from neck and shoulder pain caused by an injury?

Chronic or acute pain is never easy to manage, and can have an enormous effect on daily life for those who are afflicted...

There is a lot to know about neck and shoulder injuries, as the causes, symptoms, and treatments vary greatly.

While this guide is a starting point, if you are suffering from pain, it is important you see a medical professional to confirm a diagnosis and implement a treatment plan.


How do neck and shoulder injuries happen?

Neck and shoulder injuries can be caused in a number of ways. These may be:

  • A car accident

  • A slip, trip or fall

  • A work-related injury such as lifting something heavy or performing repetitive actions

  • A public space incident like getting caught in a faulty door

  • Playing sports or engaging in unsafe activities like diving into shallow water. 

While these are potential causes, you should be aware that neck and shoulder injuries can result from any activity that places strain upon your body.

Pain felt in these areas could also be referred from an injury to your back or spine as well. This is why it is essential to get an expert to look into your condition as soon as you notice the pain.


Common neck and shoulder injuries.

The injuries that can occur due to the types of incidents mentioned about can include:

  • Whiplash

  • Sprains and strains

  • Nerve injuries

  • Fractures

  • Disc injuries

While these can vary in severity, duration of pain, and management of pain, they can all have an impact on your quality of life.

From causing chronic pain to limiting your movement, you may struggle to complete daily tasks like dressing yourself and carrying things, or you may suffer from headaches or fatigue.


How to prevent neck and shoulder injuries

While accidents do happen, there are some steps you can take to help reduce the risk, or severity, of neck and shoulder injuries. While driving your vehicle, take care to:

  • Use your seat belt properly

  • Follow road rules

  • Be aware while behind the wheel to help avoid collisions

  • Wear a helmet while operating a motorbike or bicycle

When swimming in an unfamiliar place, you should:

  • Try to establish depth before diving

  • If this is not possible, jump in feet first as you first enter the water

When at work, be careful! And be sure to:

  • Lift objects using correct technique

  • Enlist the aid of a lifting buddy if an object is heavy or awkward

  • Try to change your environment and movement patterns regularly to avoid strains


Road to recovery – how you can help the healing process.

Your doctor should inform you of the best course of treatment for your specific injury. As a guide, you should avoid activities that cause pain or place pressure on the injured area.

Some types of injuries may require physiotherapy, slings or supports, or surgery, depending on the nature and severity of your condition.

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