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For over 34 years we have won claims on behalf of clients. So we thought it prudent to gathering some of those extensive details about claims, legal developments, interesting and relevant articles, guides and more, all in to one place. Some of the articles are very comprehensive and dense, you can search above or view by each posts tags to find out more. Got a question? Contact us and we'll be glad to help you and clarify anything you need.

Choosing the best compensation lawyers for your claim

Suffering an injury at work or in other circumstances sometimes cannot be avoided. These incidents lead to workers compensation and/or public liability claims, and eventually at some point you will need legal advice. But how do you choose the best compensation lawyers that will assist you in your claim? Here are some tips that you can use in selecting the right compensation lawyer.

1. Ask for referrals from friends, colleagues and family

You may not know a lawyer that can help you, but someone you know does. Most likely, that someone had an experience dealing with a personal injury lawyer. Your chances of getting a good lawyer to help you is greater if they were referred by someone you trust.

2. Check their reputation and read reviews

The majority of law firms these days have websites and social media profiles. Once you have your referral, check the lawyers' website and profile and see what they can offer. Check out their online Google reviews, background, experience, the people they have worked with, or any published articles they have prepared. It is also important to see the reviews and testimonials previous clients gave them as this can assist you in your decision making.

3. Ensure they have experience in personal injury or compensation work

Lawyers have specialised in specific areas over the years, and very rarely give general advice in multiple areas. Injury claims can be complex and the laws are constantly changing, so you need to make sure that the lawyer referred to you is up to date with these changes. Only work with accredited specialists and those that have recognition only helps reassure you of thier commitment to thier business. You may also want someone who knows how insurance companies and claim managers work so you can have a more than satisfactory settlement.

4. Take advantage of offers

The Personal Injury Lawyers are able to undertake your claim on a No Win No Fee basis. Take advantage of this deal as it will give you an opportunity for us to run your case without any payment in trust or upfront from you. 

The majority of those who seek lawyers’ advice have concerns with costs and what the outcome will be. By contacting The Personal Injury Lawyers, you can hire a compensation lawyer that only requires payment when you receive your compensation  hence, a no win no fee lawyer.

It costs nothing to assess your claim, get in touch

Contact The Personal Injury Lawyers today or chat online or on your mobile or email us and we'll be happy to assess your claim at no cost.