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Scam Alert For Queensland Motorists On Their Accident Claims

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warnings to Queensland motorists of some "scam" practices

  • The Motor Accident Insurance Commission is the regulatory body in Queensland for motor accident claims who also take responsibility to trying to stop claim farming.

  • The purpose of the Commission is to oversee the Compulsory Third Party motor accident scheme in Queensland as established by the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994.

  • The Motor Accident Insurance Commission has issued warnings to Queensland motorists of some "scam" practices being undertaken in Queensland involving Queensland motorists.

    We explain more further below and answer more of your questions.

Scammers are fraudulently telling motorists that they owe money for motor accident claims

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission has had reports of motorists being contacted by telephone with the callers seeking to obtain personal information.  

In some cases, the callers are fraudulently telling motorists that they owe money for motor accident claims and are asking for bank account details so money can be deposited into their account.

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 Be Aware Of Who Scammers May Say They Are, As Likely A Lie

The callers are also encouraging motorists to lodge fraudulent claims with motor accident insurers. When they call, they often associate themselves with Government agencies, legal firms and insurance companies.


It is illegal for law firms to cold call you, and a little desperate, don't fall for it

Queensland motorists should be aware that it is prohibited by the provisions of the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 for legal firms in Queensland to tout or "cold call" motorists involved in motor vehicle accidents and encourage claims for motor accident injury compensation.  

If you are contacted unexpectedly by someone advising you that they are from a legal firm and they encourage you to lodge a claim for injury compensation, you should be aware that the caller is most likely fraudulent.


Contact the Motor Accident Insurance Commission and report scam callers

It is not illegal for Queensland motorists to be contacted by Government agencies or insurance companies regarding motor vehicle accidents.  

This can occur most commonly in relation to investigations being undertaken into a motor vehicle accident.

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission is advising Queensland motorists to visit their web site on call 1300 302 568 if they believe they have received "scam" call.


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Even if you have suffered what you consider to be only minor injury, it is important you realise that minor injuries now can turn into real problems later on when it may very well be too late to pursue a claim.

Even if you have contributed to the accident, you are still entitled to compensation for your injuries for the negligence of the other driver involved.

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