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Queensland's Average Payout For Accidents & Injury Claims

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4731 motor accident claims in Queensland in the 2015 financial year

You may wish to know more about the average compensation payments for motor vehicle accident and work injury claims in Queensland.  

With that in mind there were 4731 motor accident claims in Queensland in the 2015 financial year.

The average compensation paid was:


  • $69,365 for a minor injury

  • $139,938 for a moderate injury

  • $296,970 for a serious injury

  • $519,058 for a severe injury and

  • $1,583,200 for a critical injury


Common Law work injury claims in Queensland

There were 4215 Common Law work injury claims in Queensland in 2014.

The average damages payment was approximately $182,500.

In the 2013 financial year, where a work injury was assessed at 0% impairment, the compensation range was $160,000 to $260,000, and where it was assessed at a 5 to 10% impairment, the average compensation paid was between $213,000 to $468,000.


these are average payments only and every case is different

For example, The Personal Injury Lawyers case summary database provides the case where Mr Austin, who suffered a minor head injury when a milk crate fell on his head whilst unloading his work truck, achieved $1.052 million in damages due to the impact of the injury on his employment as a truck driver (Austin v Parmalat Australia Ltd (2013) QSC 227)

The Personal Injury Lawyers case summary database also provides the case of Mr Lamble who sustained a moderate head injury when he was hit with a wooden stick whilst standing on the periphery of a nightclub brawl and achieved damages of $1.45 million dollars for his injuries (Howl at the Moon Nightclub v Lamble (2014) QCA 74)


Serious injury and catastrophic injuries

Of course, in cases of very serious injury and catastrophic injuries such as brain injury, paraplegia or amputation for example, compensation will be much higher than the figures discussed above.

Most likely resulting in compensation payments involving millions of dollars, as in the case of Susan Delaney, a Gold Coast woman who sustained catastrophic head injuries when the motorcycle upon which she was a pillion passenger crashed.

This left her in a vegetative state, and she was awarded damages of $9.5 million dollars for her injuries (Delaney v AAMI (2013) QSC).


(Note: work injury claim data for average work injury claim payments and impairment assessments at 0% and 5 to 10% referred to above was taken from a cross-section of claims reported by Q-COMP. Motor accident claim data was supplied by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission, the body that regulates motor accident injury or CTP claims in Queensland).


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