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For many years we have won claims on behalf of clients, so we thought it prudent to gathering some of those extensive details about compensation claims, legal developments, interesting and relevant articles, guides and more, all in to one place.

Some of the articles are very comprehensive and dense, you can search above or view by each posts tags to find out more. Got a question? Contact us and we'll be glad to help you and clarify anything you need.

The Personal Injury Lawyers Wins Four Awards For Excellence, Processes, Productivity & More...

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Four Awards For Excellence, Processes, Productivity & More

LawAustralasia is an association of independent law firms who work together to learn, grow and share knowledge together.

With over 150 solicitors involved, LawAustralasia is a well known and influential commentator on current legal issues as well.

All of LawAustralasia members are deeply committed to achieving the best practice management and client service delivery they possibly can. After all, if a jobs worth doing, it's worth doing well.


Awards are recognition of effort, achievement and well meaning progress

With so many firms involved, we share the knowledge of how we work, our systems and process and financial management, all to ultimately help improve.

In turn this provides clients with a superior level of service by maximising the knowledge and learning in the collective strengths of the LawAustralasia membership. 

In short, we come together and seek ways to become even better at what we do.


The LawAustralasia Awards Are All About Improving Ourselves For Clients Like You

The Personal Injury Lawyers has since it first began, always been deeply driven about making you, the client feel, relaxed, doing all the hard work for you and generally ensuring you are in good hands whilst we fight to get the maximum compensation for you.

So this year after another successful year and ensuring lots of happy clients got as much compensation as was due, we were thrilled at our annual general convention with other Law Australasia members to pick up not one, but four awards!


The Personal Injury Lawyers Awarded Overall Pursuit Of Excellence

The LawAustralasia 2017 Overall Pursuit Of Excellence award means our peers recognise we are doing everything we can to ensure the best customer experience and outcomes for you.


We were honoured to receive this award, which was also supported by three other awards:


  • The LawAustralasia 2017 Pursuit Of Excellence award in Productivity

  • The LawAustralasia 2017 Pursuit Of Excellence award in Processes & Procedures

  • The LawAustralasia 2017 Pursuit Of Excellence award in Financial Management


Thanks again to LawAustralasia and to all our clients for helping us achieve this recognition.