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Rehabilitation after suffering a Personal Injury

Not getting the proper rehabilitation may cost you your health and a lot of money, and that's that you need to investigate if you can make a compensation claim. Making a claim is also about ensuring those funds due to you, that you will need for rehabilitation today and in the future, are covered.

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Had A Cold Call Asking About Personal Injury? Let Us Know.

The rise of these cold calls are on the increase and you should be aware of what to do in this situation. These “claims harvesters” cold call you with often stolen and illegally obtained details. It appears to have started in the United Kingdom years ago and is now spreading quickly across Australia. We share some tips on how to avoid this illegal practice...

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What's A De-Facto Relationship In A Dependency Claim?

In the case of Perry v Killmeir & Anor, the Court of Appeal considered what constituted a de facto relationship in the case of a dependency claim. Mr Perry's partner was fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident in June 2007. Mr Perry and his deceased partner had been residing together however had separate bank accounts and finances...

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Meat Worker Awarded $360,000 Damages For Cut Injury

In the case of Keith Louis Tompkins v Kemp Meats Pty Ltd [2013} QDC 184 The Plaintiff, Mr Tompkins suffered a laceration to the tip of his left thumb whilst working as a slaughter man in an abattoir. As a result of the injury, the Plaintiff alleged he had problems working in his occupation as a meat worker as he could not properly grip the meat with his injured hand whilst undertaking his slicing and boning duties...

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Choosing The Right Medical Specialist To Support Your Claim

The case of Rodger v Johnson [2013] QSC 117 is one worth highlighting to show that choosing the right medical specialist can really help support your claim. At The Personal Injury Lawyers, this is something we know well, and for over three decades we've been ensuring clients get the best medicals from the best specialists.

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Plaintiff Awarded Costs On Basis Of Lawyers' Precedent Decision

In WorkCover common law claims, there are significant restrictions on costs that can be recovered by a worker. However, the Court has been interpreting the provisions of the Workers' Compensation & Rehabilitation Act 2003 ("WCRA"), to allow workers to achieve costs where they are successful in applications brought to enforce their entitlements to claim common law damages...

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Is Tripping While Running Down A Sand Dune An "Obvious Risk"?

Is the risk of tripping whilst running down a sand dune an obvious one? You'd may assume so right? As part of our ongoing key facts articles, we analyse cases and bring you a breakdown of just what happens and the sometimes surprising facts. In this case of Kelly v State of Queensland...

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