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Sustained a neck injury? Find out if you're entitled to make a compensation claim and get a free claim assessment.

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Neck Injury Compensation Lawyers Covering Brisbane, The Gold Coast & All Of QLD

Have you suffered a neck injury in Queensland?

If you have sustained an injury caused by the actions or negligence of another individual or company, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

The professionals at The Personal Injury Lawyers have extensive experience in cases involving neck injuries, making them the experts to have on your team.


No win no fee, neck injury lawyers

Having a neck injury is a distressing experience.

Worrying about the cost of upfront legal fees only adds to your stress.


This is why The Personal Injury Lawyers offers a no win no fee scheme, giving every Australian access to the legal representation they need.

Our no win no fee guarantee means if you don’t win your case, you don’t pay the legal fees. 


Am I eligible to claim compensation for my neck injury?

This depends on your individual situation.

In Queensland, you are generally entitled to make a claim unless you are entirely at fault for your accident.

If another party is at fault or partly responsible for the incident, you may be eligible to make a claim for at least some of the costs related to your injuries.


How long do I have to make a claim for my neck injury?

There are strict time limits that apply to making a claim for personal injury.

This is why we recommend seeking professional legal advice as soon as possible after an incident.


Get our accredited Lawyers to assess your claim for free. Get in touch today

If you have suffered a neck injury you may be entitled to compensation.

Even if you think your actions may have contributed to your injury, you may still have a claim well-worth pursuing. 


Chat, call, email, or let us assess your claim, just press the button below.

There is no cost, and no obligation.


How do I make a neck injury compensation claim?

To make a claim for a neck injury, you may be required to provide proof that the incident was caused by or contributed to by another party.

You will likely need to visit a medical professional and receive documentation of your injuries for your case.


As required by Queensland law, you should report any accident that causes injury to the police

Sometimes completing these steps can be stressful, or just difficult to find the time.

You may want to get in touch with a personal injury specialist who can help you with the required paperwork, keep track of the time limitations, and advise you on how to proceed through the claims process.


How much does it cost to make a neck injury compensation claim in QLD?

This depends on the circumstances of your case. Costs might include lodging forms or obtaining medical records.

If your case is successful and you receive compensation, you will be required to pay your legal professional for their services, though legislation is in place to ensure you don’t lose your entire compensation payout to legal fees.

Read more about how legal fees for no win no fee cases are determined.


How much compensation will I get for my Neck injury?

In three simple steps, get a basic indication (minus loss of earnings and other possible extras) of how much compensation you may be due. Click the green button to use our new compensation calculator today.


Who pays my neck injury compensation?

In most cases, the CTP insurer of the party or parties at fault will pay out the compensation.


What will my neck injury compensation cover?

Your neck injury claim could possibly cover some, or even all, of your injuries and losses. It could cover things including:


  • Medical expenses and rehabilitation

  • Loss of income

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of quality of life

  • At-home nursing.


It is important to keep in mind every neck injury compensation claim is different. A personal injury expert will be able to determine what you can claim for once you have discussed your individual circumstances.


Why you should trust The Personal Injury Lawyers with your neck injury compensation claim

Whether you’ve sustained a neck injury in a car accident or a workplace incident, we can determine whether you are eligible to claim compensation.

We fight for the best results, supporting you through the entire process and communicating in plain English. 

Call us, email, live chat online or on your mobile or fill out a free instant claim assessment form to take the first step towards compensation.

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