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Injured in a motorbike accident? You may be entitled to claim motor vehicle accident compensation to pay for your medical expenses, loss of earnings and any future care required.

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Have you been injured in a motorbike accident? At The Personal Injury Lawyers, we specialise in personal injury law, and we have extensive experience in cases dealing with truck and motorbike accidents, as well as car accidents and many other motor vehicle accidents.

If you have suffered an injury in a motorbike or any other motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Compensation payouts enable injured parties to cover their medical expenses, loss of earnings, and any other out-of-pocket expenses incurred.

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Motorbike Injury Compensation Claim Service

Your entitlement to an accident compensation claim, and the type of compensation claim you could make, will depend on the personal circumstances of the motorbike accident.

Generally in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or anywhere in Queensland, unless you were the only party at fault for an accident, you will be eligible to make a claim to recover at least a portion of the costs associated with your motorbike accident injuries.

What type and how much will depend on the circumstances of the accident, and which party was at fault. We can help you calculate the amount due or you can get a rough idea via our compensation calculator.


What Type of Motorbike Accidents Are Covered in Queensland?

Examples of causes of motorbike accidents that can be covered in Queensland include:

  • Being “car-doored” (when car doors are opened suddenly, too late for a rider to avoid)

  • Other road users failing to give way to the rider

  • Collisions with another vehicle, a pedestrian or property

If you are unsure whether you’ll be entitled to seek a motorbike accident compensation payout, it's worth speaking with a personal injury law specialist to find out. There is no cost or obligation for us to review your car or motorbike accident injury claim.


How Do I Make a Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim?

If you need to make a claim for injuries caused by a motorbike accident, you must be able to show that the accident was caused by or contributed to by another party.If this can been demonstrated, you can make a claim against the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer of the vehicle that was involved in the accident.

Also note that before you make a claim, under Queensland law, accidents that result in injury to any party must be reported to the police, so this is a necessary step to take before lodging your claim for motorbike accident compensation.


How Long Do I Have to Make a Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim?

Time limits can vary, but please note there are also strict time limits that apply to making a claim, so it is important to be aware of those and seek legal advice as soon as possible after the incident.

Trust The Personal Injury Lawyers with your motorbike accident compensation claim. Our experienced team is dedicated to personal injury law and has been successfully handling motorbike and car accident compensation claims for more than 30 years.

We believe in building relationships based on trust with every one of our clients, so you can expect plain language, honest advice and hard work from your personal injury lawyer.


How Much Compensation Did Other People Get Awarded For Their Injuries?

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Who Will You Talk To?

✔  The Personal Injury Lawyers has a team of specialist injury lawyers, with expertise in Motorbike compensation.

How much compensation Will I get for my Personal injury Compensation Claim?

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 Frequently Asked Questions About Motorbike Injury Compensation Claims

 If The Motorbike Accident Was My Fault Can I Still Make A Claim?

If you were partly at fault, then you may still be eligible to receive compensation. However, the amount you receive may be less than what it would be if you were not at fault at all.

If you were wholly at fault, then under Queensland legislation you are not eligible to receive compensation for any injuries you suffer.

This rule varies from state to state though – for example, in New South Wales, you may be able to receive compensation under an accident notification claim.

Be sure to check the rules and regulations in the state you live in or just contact us for clarification.

 What Costs Are Involved When Making A Claim For Compensation?

Costs involved in each claim may vary depending on what the circumstances are. Potential costs may involve lodging forms or obtaining medical records.

Also, of course, if you win and receive compensation, you will be required to pay fees to your legal professional.

Don’t worry though – legislation is in place to ensure all your deserved compensation doesn’t go straight to your lawyer.

 How Long Does A Motorbike Accident Claim Take?

When accounting for the different parties and time limits involved in these types of claims, the process can stretch for several months.

Straightforward cases can often be resolved much more quickly than more complex ones where fault is difficult to determine.

If you need an estimate on how long your case could take, it is wise to contact your legal professional, as they will have a thorough understanding of the timelines and requirements of your claim for car or motorbike accident compensation.

 Will I Need To Go To Court For My Motorbike Accident Claim?

It's rare, and we can often attend in place of you but you may need to attend court as part of your claim process.

Reasons for your claim to be addressed in court may be:

  • The CTP insurance provider is fighting liability of the driver of the vehicle they insure.
  • You were unable to identify the other vehicle involved in the accident, so the claim must be made against the Nominal Defendant.

 Am I Able To Represent Myself In Court When Making A Motorbike Accident Claim?

While you could represent yourself in court, unless you have a legal background, it can quickly get very complex and is not a recommended course of action.

Having a professional on your team can help ensure you don’t miss any essential deadlines and that all avenues of compensation are explored, making sure you can get the best result possible.

 How Much Compensation Am I Entitled To?

The amount of motorbike compensation you are entitled to will depend entirely on the extent of your injuries and the costs associated with your treatment and recovery.

We can help you get a rough idea via our Compensation Calculator or you can contact us and we'll get you a closer and more accurate idea.

 Who Pays out the Compensation for the Motorcycle Accident?

In most cases, the CTP insurer of the party or parties at fault will pay out the compensation.

 Will My Motorbike Accident Be Eligible With A No Win No Fee Lawyer?

We believe every Australian is entitled to the compensation they deserve, regardless of their financial situation.

This is why we often operate on a no win no fee basis. which is designed to give everybody the legal representation they need to access justice, and it works how it sounds – if you don’t win your compensation case, you don’t pay for the legal fees you incur.

Our experienced team is always ready to help you out. for personal injury cases and motorbike accident cases, With over 30 years’ experience, our personal injury compensation specialists support you through every step of the claims process.

Chat online with us or on your mobile, email or call us free. We have offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, so no matter where you’re based in Queensland, you can easily access a motorbike accident compensation specialist when you need one.

 How Much Compensation Am I Entitled To?

The amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend entirely on the extent of your injuries and the costs associated with your treatment and recovery.

We can help you get a rough idea via our Compensation Calculator or you can contact us and we'll get you a closer and more accurate idea.

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