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Mining Accidents And Injuries Compensation

Have you been injured in the mining industry? Our experienced workers compensation lawyers can help you get the work related injury compensation you will need.

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Mining Accidents and Injuries Compensation in Queensland

Have you been involved in an accident at work?

If you’ve been injured through the course of your employment in the Queensland mining industry, you may be entitled to injury at work compensation.

Our experienced workers compensation lawyers have helped numerous clients claim for injuries sustained in mining accidents and get the workplace accident compensation they deserve. 

No Win No Fee Mining Accidents and Injuries Lawyers

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 Mining Accidents and Injuries Compensation in Queensland

Designed to protect employees and ensure employers provide sufficient duty of care, workers compensation falls under the area of employment law.

Workers compensation covers work-related injuries caused by negligence. If you can prove your employer failed in their duty of care to protect your safety and that failure resulted in an injury, you could be entitled to claim:

  • Medical expenses (including ongoing rehabilitation costs)

  • Loss of income

  • Return to work support

You may also be eligible to claim workplace injury compensation for the loss of past and future superannuation payments as well as past out of pocket expenses and interest on past loss of earnings.

Our expertise in mining injury cases means we are able to assess your situation and identify whether you have a solid case to make a claim quickly. Our no win no fee guarantee means if you don’t win your case, you don’t pay the legal fees.

What Mining Injuries Can I Claim?

  • Mining Collapse - Mining collapses can occur when the walls and ceiling of an underground mine haven’t been secured properly. This type of accident can cause life-threatening injuries.

  • Machinery Accidents/Faulty Machines - Many jobs in the mining industry rely on heavy machinery. In the absence of proper training and maintenance, this kind of equipment can put workers at risk of sustaining a range of injuries, including crushed extremities and electric shocks.

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents - Given the size and power of the motor vehicles often used in mining, even low-speed accidents can cause significant harm to the people involved.

  • Slips, Trips and Falls - Slips and falls can occur in any mining environment. Common contributing factors for accidents which result in work injury compensation payouts include uneven surfaces and poorly lit workspaces.

  • Gas Explosions - Triggered by a build-up of methane in underground coal mines, gas explosions can cause burns, broken bones and other devastating injuries.

  • Chemical Accidents - If not stored or handled correctly, mining chemicals can cause burns, breathing difficulties, and even blindness.

  • Black Lung, Asbestos Exposure and Other Respiratory Diseases - Even though safety equipment has improved in recent years, miners are still more likely to develop conditions like black lung as a result of being exposed to dangerous materials.

  • Back, Neck, Knee and Other Physical Injuries - Mining can be a physically demanding job, making workers prone to chronic muscle and bone injuries.

  • Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Injuries - Many miners struggle with industrial deafness after being exposed to the noise of drills and high-powered mine blasts. Resulting in permanent hearing impairment, this condition can be extremely debilitating.

These are serious injuries for which compensation payouts should be sought to cover medical expenses and loss of earnings if an employer failed in their duty of care. 

If you have been injured in the mines, please note that strict time limits apply when seeking workers compensation for an injury sustained at work. All injuries, no matter how seemingly minor, should be reported to your employer immediately, as failure to do so can affect your eligibility to claim injury at work compensation.

How Much Compensation Did Other People Get Awarded For Their Injuries?

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How much compensation Will I get for my Mining injury Compensation Claim?

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 Frequently Asked Questions About Mining Injury Compensation Claims

 How Long Do I Have To Claim Worker’s Compensation From A Mining Accident?

The amount of time you have to make a work injury claim will depend on the nature of your injury. Strict time limits apply to all types of personal injury claims, so it’s important to begin legal proceedings quickly.

 Will I Need to Go to Court for a Mining Accident and Injury Claim?

There is a small chance you may need to go to court, but only if your testimony is deemed vital to the outcome of your case. Most work related injury compensation claims for mining accidents can be settled out of court.

 Who Pays For The Worker’s Compensation Injuries?

Your employer’s insurance company will usually pay for the compensation. By law, all employers in Australia must be insured.

 Do I Need A Worker’s Compensation Lawyer To Make A Claim?

You can try to manage your case without legal assistance. However, engaging with a worker’s compensation lawyer can simplify the claims process and increase your chances of a swift, successful case that provides adequate injury at work compensation to cover your medical expenses and loss of earnings.

 Who Pays For The Worker’s Compensation Injuries?

Your employer’s insurance company will usually pay for the compensation. By law, all employers in Australia must be insured.

 Frequently Asked Questions

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