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Have you been misdiagnosed by a healthcare professional? The Personal Injury Lawyers can give you advice on claiming damages for a medical misdiagnosis.

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Medical Misdiagnosis – What are my options? 

Medical misdiagnosis occurs when a healthcare professional fails to correctly identify a disease or injury. Potentially resulting in unnecessary medical treatments and serious health complications, being medically misdiagnosed can have a devastating impact on a person’s quality of life.

If you suspect your healthcare provider may have failed in their duty of care by incorrectly diagnosing your condition, you may be able to bring a misdiagnosis lawsuit against them.

The Personal Injury Lawyers can tell you what your rights are.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Misdiagnosis Compensation Claims

  Can I claim compensation for a medical misdiagnosis?

Claiming compensation for a medical misdiagnosis isn’t always a straightforward process.

In some cases, a misdiagnosis doesn’t amount to medical negligence. Certain conditions can be extremely difficult to detect, even if the patient has received an exceptional standard of medical care.

In order to prove your entitlement to claim compensation, you’ll need to demonstrate:

  • That your healthcare provider failed to show a reasonable level of expertise, and that this directly contributed to your misdiagnosis
  • That you suffered injury or harm as a result of the misdiagnosis.

If you need expert assistance with verifying your claims, The Personal Injury Lawyers can help you build a strong case.

 What Are Some Of The Common Medical Misdiagnosis Conditions?

Some conditions are particularly prone to being misdiagnosed, these include:

  • Cancer – Cancer is a complex disease and often presents with seemingly innocuous symptoms. Without proper diagnostic processes, it’s all too easy for cancer to be written off as a more minor condition. For example, lung cancer is commonly misdiagnosed as pneumonia.
  • Asthma – Asthma can be confused with common lung inflammations like bronchitis.
  • Thyroid conditions – Since they can lead to a deterioration in both physical and emotional health, thyroid diseases are often mistaken for conditions like depression or anxiety.
  • Stroke – Spotting the difference between a stroke and a migraine can be difficult due to the similarity in symptoms.
  • Celiac disease – People who suffer from celiac disease are allergic to gluten, but they are often misdiagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Lupus – This inflammatory disease is commonly misidentified for a range of illnesses, including chronic fatigue syndrome and arthritis.

Even if the condition your doctors failed to diagnose wasn’t life-threatening, minor illnesses can still cause serious complications when left untreated.

No matter what kind of misdiagnosis you’ve experienced, our medical negligence lawyers can help you get the compensation you deserve.

 Courtney Was Awarded $632,500 For A Negligent Operation To Her Back

Courtney was only 25 years old when a surgeon operated on the wrong disc in her spine, causing her to suffer from an increased disability to her spine.

With The Personal Injury Lawyers representing Courtney, her claim resolved for a sum of $632,500.00. Medical mistakes happen, and it's your right to claim, ask us if you need help.

No Win, No Fee, Guaranteed

You have nothing to lose with our no win no fee guarantee and nothing to lose by at least letting us assess if you have a claim. If you don't achieve any compensation payment for your claim, then you will not be liable to pay our professional fees or any disbursements we have incurred in pursuing your claim on your behalf.

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 Strict Time Limits Apply To Claims In Queensland!

There is only a small window in which you can make a medical misdiagnosis compensation claim in Queensland, so waiting too long can mean you will not be able to get compensation at all.

Sadly many come to us and leave it too late, losing out on help for rehabilitation, medication, to compensate for time off work and care, so please don't wait.

Given how difficult it can be to distinguish between an unavoidable misdiagnosis and medical negligence, allowing a lawyer to manage your case can improve your claims chances of success.

Just chat, call, email, or let us assess your claim, just press the button below, there is no cost, and no obligation to review your case.