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If you are a client, a review is very important to us, and only takes a few minutes of your time. Leave a review and refer a friend today!


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As a client, please leave us a Google review, it means a lot to us 

If you are a client, a Google review is very important to us, and only takes a few minutes of your time, yet can make the world of difference to our staff and others to help them with their claims. You can leave a review in several different ways. 


1. How to leave a review for The Personal Injury Lawyers on Google

The best way to give us a review is on Google. Simply visit this Google link and rate our service with star feedback and add a quick review.

You can also click the image or button below. You can use a Gmail/YouTube or other Google account to login.

Don't have one? It only takes a minute to create an account if you don't have one and will come in very handy for Google services.

The review can be a short sentence, or as lengthy as you'd like. Either way we'd really appreciate it. Again just click the image or button below to visit the Google review page.

If you have a pop up or ad-blocker running, or perhaps are using an older browser, you may not see the exact screen above.


2. get in touch with us if you need help

That's it! There really is no step two! However if you need help, live chat with us, send us an email, write a letter or call for free on 1800 598 498 to tell us your experiences and we'll help you leave the review.


You can also Leave a review via Social Media

Whilst it's nowhere near as helpful to others as a Google review because it can't be searched for outside of the social media site, and can only be seen by very few, you can if you prefer, you can leave a review on our Facebook or both!


Refer a friend

If you've had a good experience with us, please tell others! We've helped so many people over many years, but we still want to help others.

Email some friends, post on your web site or social media pages, or just tell others.

Either way we'll be glad to help your friends with their claim if we can, and do appreciate the kindness in passing our name on to others.


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