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It’s important to know your rights when it comes to injuries at the gym. Here we look at situations where you would or wouldn’t be entitled to compensation.

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Gym Injury Compensation in Brisbane, The Gold Coast & QLD

In Queensland our local gyms associate themselves with a healthy lifestyle, but they do present certain risks to users and members. Any engagement with physical exercise or straining your muscles can lead to injury, and it’s important to know your rights when it comes to gym injury compensation...

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 Frequently Asked Questions About Gym Injury Compensation Claims

 In What Situations Can I Claim Compensation For Gym Injuries?

Not all injuries in the gym would make you eligible for compensation.

However, if you can prove that the gym did not take adequate actions to fulfil their duty of care, and a reasonable person could see that injury was a likely result, you could be owed compensation.

Some cases that constitute a breach in the gym’s duty of care might include:

  • Personal trainer negligence - It’s the responsibility of a personal trainer to arrange exercises that help you meet your fitness goals, but they can’t put you at risk. If an instructor ordered you to lift a particular weight beyond your range, and you injured your arms in the process, this would be a case of negligence. The gym did not adequately protect you, and a reasonable person would deem the injury a likely result.
  • Faulty or broken equipment - Again, a gym would have breached their duty of care if equipment is faulty or broken yet still made available for use. If a cycling machine had poorly supported legs, and you were to fall while exercising and be injured, you would again be owed due compensation.
  • Other gym members causing injuries - There are instances where the actions of another gym user cause injury, and you may be entitled to a gym injury compensation claim. If another patron were to drop weights on your foot and caused serious injury, the gym may be deemed to have breached their liability.

 What If I Am At Fault And Responsible For My Injury?

There are some situations where you would be deemed at fault and therefore not eligible for compensation. The key responsibilities you hold to avoid causing injury yourself include:

  • Use gym equipment in its proper, intended way – If you decided to do push-ups on a treadmill, or sit backwards on a cycling machine, you will be deemed at fault. While this may seem obvious, being unsure of how a machine works isn’t an excuse; it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re using equipment properly.

  • Know your limits – If you set the tension on a rowing machine too high and pull your back, sadly you will again be deemed at fault. The best way to ensure you stay safe is to stay within your limits.

  • Be upfront with medical conditions and injuries – A personal trainer can only offer advice on exercises within your means if you fully disclose any medical conditions or injuries that may put you at risk of further harm.

 What If I Am At Fault And Responsible For My Injury?

If you’re unsure if an injury you’ve sustained was a breach of your responsibility or the gym’s, The Personal Injury Lawyers’ free case assessment can help clarify your situation.

 I Signed A Waiver, What Happens To My Claim?

A waiver can often mislead gym patrons of their rights. While a waiver can persuade you from not claiming compensation for injury, the gym has not forfeited their owed duty of care.

If you feel they have been guilty of negligence, a waiver has no legal power to prevent you from suing.

 What About Unmanned And 24-Hour Gyms?

24-hour gyms can also blur the lines of liability, but your responsibilities listed above will usually help determine who is at fault.

If you decided to try running on a treadmill for the first time while recovering from an Achilles injury, and you tore the tendon, you would still be deemed at fault.

The best course of action is to ensure your exercises are kept well within your range when the gym is otherwise unoccupied.

 How Can The Personal Injury Lawyers Help With A Gym Injury?

Our lawyers are committed to ensuring you’re suitably compensated for your situation. Starting with our free claim assessment, our experts will identify who is liable in your case, and stand by your side through the entire process for your gym injury compensation.

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