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When Does My Worker's Comp End?

If you're currently on workers' compensation, it's important to know when it's due to end & what you should do afterwards. Get a FREE claim assessment today.


When does my workers' compensation claim come to an end and what happens then?

Workcover Queensland or a self-insurer is only obliged to provide workers' compensation benefits to an injured worker until their work injury is stable and stationary. What this means is, when your treating doctors consider there is no further treatment they can provide to you to improve your injury, then the workers’ compensation insurer’s obligation to meet workers' compensation benefits for that injury ends. Workcover or the self-insurer will then take steps to close your claim file. 

It does not matter if you have ongoing problems with your work injuries or cannot go back to work due to your work injuries. As long as your injuries are stable and stationary and there is no further treatment that can improve them, then the workers’ compensation insurer’s obligation to pay workers' compensation benefits in relation to those injuries, cease. When Workcover or the workers' compensation self-insurer is intending to finalise your workers' compensation claim, you will be notified of this. It is important what steps you take at this time, because if you take the wrong course of action, you could lose your right to claim significant damages for your work injuries. 

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