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What steps should I take if injured due to negligence or wrongful act of another?

If you're injured due to the negligence or wrongful act of another party, follow these 6 steps to protect your well-being and your rights.

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What To Do If You Suffer A personal injury Due To negligence or wrongful act of another party?

If you suffer an injury due to the negligence or wrongful act or omission of another (e.g. a slip and fall in a shopping centre or an accident at a party or injury caused by a defective product), there are SIX IMPORTANT STEPS you need to remember:


STEP 1  - Recording Details Of The Incident

Immediately after the incident record details of what caused the incident, where it occurred and any witnesses to the incident, as follows:

  • LOOK FOR ANY EVIDENCE  - see if you can identify what caused the accident to occur (e.g. liquid spillage or debris on the floor surface causing a slip and fall, excessively slippery flooring, a trip hazard) so you can provide details of the cause of your accident; 

  • RECORD DETAILS - if possible get the details of any witnesses to the incident (names and contact details as well as any further information they might have as to what caused the incident). You may find it easier to record what they tell you on your mobile phone if this is available to you; 

  • NOTE WHERE IT HAPPENED - You should make an accurate record of where the incident occurred. It is a good idea (if possible), to take photographs of the incident scene on your mobile phone; 

  • CCTV - Take note of whether there is any CCTV coverage, security cameras or other potential recordings of the area where you fell, as there may be evidence of your fall on video

 STEP 2  - Report the Incident

Report the incident to anyone in control of the area where the incident occurred as soon as possible after the incident.

For example, if you fall in a store or shopping centre, advise a store attendant, shopping centre security or management of your fall so that they can complete an incident report of the event.

It is advisable that you ask to view the incident report to ensure that it has detailed the incident accurately and you should also ask for a copy of the report.

You should also ask about any CCTV footage of the incident and that it be retained if this is available.

STEP 3 - Seek Medical Treatment ASAP

You should seek medical treatment for the injuries sustained in the incident as soon as possible, so that your doctor can record your injuries and also, record how your injuries occurred.

STEP 4 - Seeing your Doctor

When you see your doctor, ensure you tell them all of the injuries you sustained in the accident, no matter how minor, as well as how your injuries occurred (you slipped on liquid spill at a shopping mall).

Try to be as accurate as possible so there is no confusion as to the cause of your injuries and what injuries you sustained, when you wish to later bring a claim.

Be aware, doctors usually record what you tell them, so keep your comments to your doctor concise and accurate.

Don't confuse them with information which may compromise any future claim you may wish to make.

STEP 5 - Remember Strict Time Limits Apply To Claim

Remember, there are strict time limits which apply to personal injury claims in Queensland and to giving notice of a public liability claim.  

If you miss these time limits you may lose your right to claim any compensation whatsoever for your accident injuries.

 STEP 6 - Contact your Lawyer as soon as you can

Contact us, The Personal Injury Lawyers to find out what your rights and entitlements are.

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