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How much compensation will I get for my injuries?

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How much compensation will I receive for my injuries?

Working out how much money you will receive for a Personal Injury is not a one size fits all answer.

First of all, it strongly depends upon your personal case and circumstances, as well as your lawyers' knowledge and experience, but in general, compensation is paid relative to the impact an injury or injuries have on the injured person.


Things that may influence how much compensation you will Recieve

Compensation payments are influenced by such things as the extent of injury sustained, the age, occupation and health of the injured person at the time of the injury occurring, as well as their pre-injury lifestyle.


Some useful information on Personal Injury compensation payments being made in Queensland

To give you an idea of what injury compensation payments are being made in Queensland, we can provide you with statistical data gathered by the Motor Accident Insurance Commission and data from the Workers' Compensation Regulator (formerly QComp), the regulatory bodies overseeing motor accident and work injury claims in Queensland in recent years.


Average Motor Accident Compensation Claim Payments:

The 'average' refers to the mean average. Adding numbers together and then dividing by the number of numbers. Each claim like all of us, can be unique.

There were 4731 motor accident claims in Queensland in the 2015 financial year (01/07/2014 to 30/06/2015);


  • The average compensation payment for minor injuries was $69,365;

  • The average compensation payment for moderate injuries was $139,938;

  • The average compensation payment for serious injuries was $296,970;

  • The average compensation payment for severe injuries was $519,058;

  • The average compensation payment for critical injuries was $1,583,200;

  • The average claim duration during the 2015 financial year was around 18 months.

How Much Compensation Can I Get For My Personal Injury Claim?

Try out our brand new compensation calculator to quickly and simply assess the basic level compensation. (Not including loss of earnings and other damages which we can help you add on.)

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Every claim is different

Every claim is different because injuries affect everyone in different ways.

An orchestral pianist for instance is likely to suffer a greater loss of income from losing his little finger than a person who serves over the counter at a retail store, and therefore will receive greater compensation.


Your age plays a big part in how much compensation you may receive

In most cases, a younger person is likely to receive greater compensation than an older person for the same injury, because the younger person has longer to endure the injury and it will impact upon their lifestyle and employment for a longer period of time.  

Again give us the details of your accident and your injury, and we'll be happy to be more accurate.

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