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Had a personal injury or accident such as a car crash, work accident or other incident? Use our Compensation Payout Calculator to assess how much you may be due today...

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The Personal Injury Lawyers Compensation Payout Calculator

Get a rough idea of how much money you may be due for your claim in 3 simple steps below. Or let us us help assess the full amount of your claim at no cost or read injury compensation case studies of what other clients were awarded.


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This guide is indicative only and not legal advice. You should speak with us to obtain advice specific to you. If the regulations do not apply, your compensation could be greater.

* Claims under the CLA and WCRA have caps on economic loss equivalent to 3 times average weekly earnings.

** Claims under the CLA have thresholds to claim gratuitous care; claims for gratuitous care under the WCRA are limited.

*** Motor vehicle and public liability claims that meet the relevant threshold contain a component for legal costs and outlays.

Indemnity costs, approximately 80% of total professional fees and outlays, are awarded in discrete circumstances in all matters.


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How Much Compensation Were Others Were Awarded For Injuries 

The below are just a few examples of what clients were awarded for their injuries, click the '+' icon in each case study to expand and collapse. You can see much more on our compensation case studies page. 

All of this can help to give you an idea of how much compensation you might get, but for accuracy and advice specific to you, contact us for a free assessment: knowing a little more about you and your injuries makes a big difference. 

 Susan was awarded $376,000 for neck, back and psychological injuries

Susan worked as a Customer Service Officer and was only in her mid 30's when a Brisbane traffic accident left Susan with soft tissue injuries to her neck, back, shoulder and chest. She also suffered abdominal bruising and a psychological injury after the passenger door of her vehicle was hit by another vehicle who failed to stop at a red traffic light.

With The Personal Injury Lawyers representing Susan, her claim resolved for a sum of $376,000.

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 Jeff was awarded $440,000 for Head, neck, back and psychological injuries

Jeff was a Cleaner and only 25 years old when he suffered injuries in a Gold Coast traffic accident where Jonathan was a back seat passenger of a vehicle. The driver lost control of the vehicle and Jonathan suffered head, neck, back and psychological injuries, as well as damaging his teeth and pelvis.

With The Personal Injury Lawyers representing Jeff, his compensation claim resolved for a sum of $440,000.

Questions about your injury? Speak with a Lawyer to assess your injury, it's free.

 Madeline was awarded $1,350,000 for Lower back and psychological injuries

Madeline, who worked in a Senior Education position, was in her late 40's and in her motor vehicle when it was rear ended by a passenger bus. Madeline suffered a lower back injury which required surgery, and also a psychological injury due to the incident.

With The Personal Injury Lawyers representing Madeline, her compensation claim resolved for a sum of $1,350,000.

Had a car accident? Contact us with questions, we're happy to help.

 John Was Awarded $320,000 for Neck, Lower back, knee and psychological injuries

John was stationary on the Gold Coast highway when a vehicle behind him pushed his vehicle into the vehicle in front. John worked as a Manager in an office role and was required to sit for long periods of time in meetings, and these injuries impacted his ability to do his job.

With The Personal Injury Lawyers representing John, his compensation claim resolved for a sum of $320,000.

Been injured? It's your right to claim, ask us if you need help.

 Fern Was Awarded $590,000 for Nervous Shock And Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Fern lost her son who was only 8 years old as he was getting off a bus to visit his relatives. An oncoming vehicle collided with him, causing his death. As a result, Fern suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and could not return to her employment in Child Services.

With The Personal Injury Lawyers representing Fern, her compensation claim resolved for a sum of $590,000.

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 Mike Was Awarded $302,000 for a right knee Meniscal tear

Whilst performing his work duties as a Chef, Mike was required to peel and cut many watermelons. As he undertook this work, his right knee twisted and caused an injury to his right knee. In new employment roles, Mike could not work in positions that required much bending, squatting or walking on uneven surfaces.

With The Personal Injury Lawyers representing Mike, his compensation claim resolved for over $302,000.

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Who Is The compensation calculator Best Suited For?

If you have suffered a personal injury in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or any part of Queensland, our compensation calculator is best suited for those who:

βœ” Have been in a motor vehicle accident

βœ” Have had an injury at work, or travelling to or from work (whether a contractor or not)

βœ” Suffered an injury on a motorbike, bicycle, boat etc

βœ” Suffered from most other personal injuries in Queensland

βœ” Those who want to bring a personal injury compensation claim under a no win no fee, guarantee

βœ” Need to get the most compensation to pay for medical bills and rehabilitation

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