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Had a personal injury or accident such as a car crash, work accident or other incident? Use our Compensation Calculator to assess how much you may be due today...

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How much compensation will I get for my injuries?

Quickly get a basic estimate* of how much money you may be due with our fast Personal Injury compensation calculator...


Click the button below to have our Lawyers assist you in determining your full compensation.

*Important information

This guide is indicative only and not legal advice. You should speak with us to obtain advice specific to you. If the regulations do not apply, your compensation could be greater.

The ISV values could be higher, for example: if your injuries evolve over time; future surgery; age; multiple injuries; treatment and associated complications; stress; etc.

Pain and suffering is only one component of compensation, and injured persons are usually entitled to more. Usually the greater claim is for loss of wages, particularly future wages.

How to use the personal injury compensation calculator


  1. 1. First, select the approximate injured area e.g. 'Head & Brain Injuries'

  2. 2. Secondly, target the exact area of injury e.g. 'Head Injury'

  3. 3. Finally choose the severity of your injury to get results. e.g. 'Moderate'


You'll be given an indicative guide to potential compensation. Make sure you read the important information underneath our calculator.

  1. I need to determine my full personal injury compensation claim amount

  3. Let us give you a free claim assessment because the value given in the calculator, does not include loss of earnings, treatments etc, so more has to be added to your final compensation amount.
  5. Once you click the green button and fill out the short form we'll give you a free claim assessment based on your personalised information, and help in determining your full compensation due.

Who should use the compensation calculator?

If you've suffered a personal injury in Queensland, you can use our compensation calculator to give you an indicative amount of potential compensation. However, the compensation calculator is best suited for you if you have;


✔ Been in a motor vehicle accident

✔ Suffered an injury on a motorbike, cycle, boat etc

✔ Had an injury at work, or travelling to or from work (whether a contractor or not)

Suffered from most other personal injuries

✔ want peace of mind that there is a no win no fee, guarantee


Remember the final amount in the calculator does not include loss of earnings, treatments etc, so more will be added to the final amount.

Contact us and we'll be happy to explain more.

  1. I still need help working out my compensation claim

  3. Then we'll gladly help you! if you have any questions? Contact us; chat live online with a Lawyer at no cost to assess your claim. 
  5. Or call free, email us, or get us to call you back when it suits and we'll be happy to answer any questions.