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Burn Injury compensation claims Across Brisbane, The Gold Coast & All Of QLD

If you have suffered a burn injury, you may well be entitled to compensation. As serious burns tend to heal slowly, your capacity to work could be limited for a significant period of time, and so compensation is often very important when burn injuries occur. We’ve answered some of the most common questions further below, but you’re welcome to call us for help, or feel free to chat, or email if needed.

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 Frequently Asked Questions About Burn Injury Compensation Claims

 As Burn Injury compensation lawyers, will my claim be covered by No win no fee?

The Personal Injury Lawyers are proud to provide expert legal assistance at fair and affordable prices.

If you don’t have the financial resources to hire a lawyer, we offer a no win no fee service.

Under this arrangement, you won’t be charged any legal fees if your burn injury claim isn’t awarded compensation.

Essentially, it means you have nothing to lose by making a claim for damages.

 Am I Eligible For A Burn Injury Compensation Claim?

Your entitlement to burn injury compensation will depend on how the burn injuries were sustained.

If your burn injuries were caused by the actions of a third party, either through carelessness or negligence, you may be able to make a burn injury claim.

The Personal Injury Lawyers can undertake an assessment of your burn injury case to determine your eligibility. A claim assessment is free.

In order to determine the types of burn injury compensation you may qualify for, The Personal Injury Lawyers will consider how your burn injury has impacted your life.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be compensated for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • The cost of ongoing care
  • Lost income
  • Lost superannuation benefits
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses

 Is There A Time Limit For Lodging My Burn Injury Compensation Claim?

Yes. Strict time limits apply to all personal injury claims.

Missing a deadline can complicate matters, so it’s vital to begin the claims process as quickly as possible.

 How Do I Make A Compensation Claim For My Burn Injury?

After receiving medical treatment, and making an official record of your injuries if possible, the easiest way to begin the claims process is to speak with a lawyer.

Even if you aren’t sure whether you want to seek compensation, it costs nothing to have us review your case.

We can arrange for you to attend a free consultation with one of our expert personal injury lawyers to help you identify the best course of legal action.

 How Much Does It Cost To Make A Claim For Burn Injury Compensation In Queensland?

The cost of making a compensation claim varies from case to case.

It’s impossible to provide an accurate estimation of the expenses involved until we’ve assessed your situation.

However, regardless of your circumstances, you can rely on The Personal Injury Lawyers to recommend the most cost-effective form of legal action.

 Will I Need To Go To Court For My Burn Injury Compensation Claim?

Most claims settle before going to court is necessary.

If you can’t reach a settlement through litigation, your attendance at the court hearing of your claim could be critical to the outcome of your claim.

In this scenario, your lawyer will support you throughout the legal proceedings.

 Who Will Pay My Burn Injury Compensation?

Who pays for the burn injury compensation is usually determined by how your injuries were sustained.

For example, if you were burned at work due to a lack of safe equipment, your employer’s insurer will pay for any damages (this is known as workers' compensation or WorkCover).

Similarly, if you were injured in a road accident, the CTP insurer of the vehicle which caused the accident will usually cover the compensation and damages.

In most cases, whoever is deemed to have caused your injuries will be liable for compensation.

You should always seek legal advice when making a compensation claim.

If you are tempted to represent yourself, keep in mind there are several advantages to engaging a lawyer.

These include:

  • Minimal stress – Having a lawyer on hand to interpret complex legislation can make the claims process much less stressful
  • Faster resolutions – Rather than allowing your case to languish in the legal system, a lawyer can ensure your claim is resolved in a timely manner
  • Negotiation skills – Reaching a fair settlement is a vital part of the legal process. If you’re not sure what constitutes a fair offer, seeking legal advice is essential

How much compensation will I get for my Brain injury?

✔  Our Compensation Calculator gives a basic indication how much compensation you may be due

How Much Compensation Did Other People Get Awarded For Their Injuries?

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 More Frequently Asked Questions About Burn Injury Compensation Claims

 How Can I Prove That My Burn Injury Was Caused Or Contributed To By Another Person?

You’ll need to provide evidence to confirm the other person or entity was at fault, such as incident reports, police statements, workplace health and safety records, etc. The strength of your evidence can strongly influence your claim’s outcome. If you engage a lawyer to act on your behalf, your lawyer can be crucial to obtaining the evidence that may prove negligence by another person.

 How Long Will My Burn Injury Claim Take To Settle?

The duration of your claim will depend on its complexity. Your matter may be resolved sooner if you decide to settle before court, but no matter what you choose to do, The Personal Injury Lawyers will strive to provide you with access to compensation quickly.

 How Much Will I Get For My Burn Injury Compensation?

This depends on the extent of your burn injuries and their impact on your quality of life, but in particular, their impact on your employment. Each case is different, and compensation amounts vary from case to case.

Yes, your legal bill will be deducted from any compensation you receive. Fortunately, in accordance with Queensland law, you will be awarded the majority of the compensation or damages. If your legal fees would otherwise exceed the amount we are legally allowed to charge, we will lower our fees so that they comply with the statutory amount.

 What Happens If I Lose My Claim?

As part of our No Win No Fee service, you won’t be required to pay any legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful. In some cases, you may be responsible for covering the other party’s legal fees. We can make sure you are properly informed of this risk before making a claim.

 Where Can I Get In Touch With A Burn Injury Compensation Lawyer In QLD?

Right here. The Personal Injury Lawyers can discuss your burn injury compensation claim. We have helped clients for many years, so rest assured you are in good hands.

 Frequently Asked Questions

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