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Building site accidents can result in serious injuries. If you’ve been hurt while employed in the construction industry, you may qualify for workers' or public liability compensation. Workers' compensation in particular is designed to safeguard the rights of injured workers. 

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 Frequently Asked Questions About Building & Construction Accident Claims

 What Is Covered By Worker’s Compensation?

If you can prove your injuries were caused by someone else's negligence, you may be able to claim:

  • Lost income, including future earning potential
  • Medical expenses
  • Ongoing rehabilitation costs
  • Permanent disability benefits

After assessing your case, our workers' compensation lawyers can provide you with more detailed information on what you may be entitled to claim.

 What Type Of Building And Construction Accidents And Injuries Can I Claim For?

If you’ve been injured on a building, mine or construction site but are unsure whether you qualify for compensation or damages, our workers' compensation lawyers can assess your claim for free.

You can claim for a range of building and construction accidents and injuries. We have included just some in the next questions and answers.

 Can I Claim For A Fall On A Building Or Construction Site?

Most likely, yes. Considering how high up many building sites are located, falls can be extremely dangerous in the construction industry. Broken bones, head injuries and concussions are some of the more serious injuries commonly associated with falls.

 Can I Claim For Falling Objects Hitting Me On A Building Or Construction Site?

Most likely, yes. Unfortunately, falling objects are a leading cause of injuries in the construction industry. Power tools and scaffolding are especially prone to being left unsecured, putting workers on lower levels at risk of serious head injuries.

 Can I Claim For Fires/explosion Accidents I Had On A Building Or Construction Site?

Most likely, yes. Building sites are often packed with flammable materials. When stored or handled incorrectly, these materials can catch alight and cause serious burns.

How much compensation Will I get for my Personal injury Claim?

✔  Our Compensation Calculator gives a basic indication how much compensation you may be due

✔  Three simple steps to get a fast overview of all the areas that you may claim for

✔  Underneath our calculator, see what others claimed in our  compensation case studies

 Can I Claim For Building collapses On A Building Or Construction Site?

Strict safety regulations make building collapses quite rare in Australia, but they still happen occasionally. Often caused by a combination of bad weather conditions and substandard scaffolding, building collapses can cause life-threatening injuries to construction workers. In most cases, workers are able to claim for injuries sustained as a result of a building collapse.

 Can I Claim For Respiratory diseases I suffered Whilst On A Building Or Construction Site?

Most likely, yes. Inhaling dangerous materials, such as coal dust or asbestos, can cause long-term health problems. Construction workers are often exposed to these kinds of materials, making them more likely to develop respiratory diseases.

 Can I Claim For A Back, Neck, Knee And Other Physical Injuries I Had On A Building Or Construction Site?

The repetitive movements associated with construction work can lead to painful wear and tear injuries over time. Often requiring reconstructive surgery, these ailments can restrict your range of movement whilst causing chronic discomfort. In most cases, workers are able to claim for these types of injuries.

 How Long Do I Have To Claim Workers' Compensation From A Building And Construction Accident?

Your right to claim will usually have an expiration date. Depending on the type of injury you have sustained, you may only have a small window of time in which to take legal action. To avoid missing any deadlines, lodge your claim as quickly as possible.

 Will I Need To Go To Court For A Building And Construction Injury Claim?

Most personal injury claims settle well before there is a need for you to appear in court. For the matters that don't settle before court, the injured person's testimony is most often beneficial to the claim.

 Who Pays Workers' Compensation Benefits?

In cases involving workers' compensation, the employer’s insurance company will usually pay for any compensation or damages awarded to the injured employee.

 Frequently Asked Questions

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