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If your life has been affected by your back injury, you may be entitled to compensation. We can help you! Get a free claim assessment.

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Back Injury compensation Lawyers In Brisbane, Gold Coast & Across QLD

Has your life been affected by a back injury? We service all of Queensland and so if your injuries were sustained as a result of the actions or negligence of another individual or company, you may be entitled to compensation.

As No Win No Fee Lawyers, We Will Pay For All back injury Outlays & Expenses

When you’ve experienced a back injury, the last thing you need is to worry about is how to afford upfront legal fees. As such, the Personal Injury Lawyers provide a no win no fee service to ensure you have access to the legal representation you need. Our no win no fee guarantee means if you don’t win your case, you don’t pay any legal fees.

Use The Personal Injury Lawyers Compensation Claim Checker™ and quickly see if you may be able to make a compensation claim, in just 30 seconds or less.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Back Injury Compensation Claims

 Am I Eligible To Claim Compensation For My Back Injury?

This depends on the circumstances of your case.

In most cases in Queensland, you are entitled to make a claim if you are not entirely at fault for your accident.

If another party is at fault or partly responsible for the accident, you will likely be entitled to make a claim for at least some of the costs related to your injuries.

 How Long Do I Have To Make A Claim For My Back Injury?

Due to the strict time limits that apply to making a claim, it is best to seek legal advice from a personal injury legal expert as soon as possible after the incident.

 How Do I Make A Back Injury Compensation Claim?

Before you set out to pursue a back injury compensation claim, you should ensure you have as much documentation as possible.

This may include witness statements, medical reports and certificates or video footage. The more, the better.

 Doesnt Queensland Law Require Any Incidents That Cause Injuries To Be Reported To The Police?

Yes. You must report an injury to the Queensland Police Service if it involves one or more of the following criteria:

  • Death or injury (requiring medical attention from a qualified ambulance officer, nurse or doctor)
  • In the case of a motor vehicle, if a driver fails or is refusing to provide required details.

For assistance with these steps, or for advice on how to proceed with your claim, contact a personal injury specialist.

They can also assess your situation to determine whether you have grounds to proceed with a claim.

How much compensation will I get for my Back injury?

In three simple steps, get a basic indication of how much compensation you may be due for a back injury. Try our Compensation Calculator now and see how much you may be able to claim.

 Why Should I Trust The Personal Injury Lawyers With My Back Injury Compensation Claim?

Whether you’ve sustained a back injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident or a fall in a public place, The Personal Injury Lawyers will help you fight for the best result. And you may need every cent if you have been injured, as medial bills can grow quickly.

With many years experience, our personal injury compensation specialists support you through every step of the claims process, getting you what you deserve.

 How Much Does It Cost To Make A Back Injury Compensation Claim In QLD?

This changes from case to case. Specific costs might include lodging forms or obtaining medical records.

If your case is successful and you receive compensation, you will need to pay your legal professional for their services, though you should be aware Queensland has legislation in place to ensure all of your damages don’t go straight to your lawyer.

Read more about how legal fees are determined.

 Who Pays My Back Injury Compensation?

In car injuries, usually the CTP insurer or the party or parties at fault for the accident will pay out the compensation.

 What Will My Back Injury Claim Cover?

This will depend on the situation of your case.

Your back injury claim could possibly cover some, or even all, of your injuries and losses.

It could cover things including:

  • Medical expenses and rehabilitation
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life
  • At-home care

 Frequently Asked Questions

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