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Getting Help With Ankle Injury Compensation Claims in QLD

Most people will experience an ankle injury at some point in their life, but if you had no control over the injury, you may qualify for damages. You may have torn ligaments or broken bones, and since our ankles support our weight and are essential to movement, it can have a huge impact on your quality of life.

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You have nothing to lose with our no win no fee guarantee because if we don't win you don't pay our fees. It will also help you as we take on your case and pay for all outlays and associated claim expenses. To help, we've pulled together some of the ankle injury compensation questions and answers below that may help you...


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 Frequently Asked Questions About Ankle Injury Compensation Claims

 Am I eligible to claim compensation for my ankle injury?

Your eligibility to claim damages will be contingent on how you injured your ankle, so to qualify for compensation, you’ll need to prove your injury was caused by negligence.

You can hurt your ankle practically anywhere, but these are some of the most common instances in which ankle injuries occur as a result of negligence:

  • Workplace accidents – Slips and falls in the workplace are one of the leading causes of ankle injuries. If your employer has failed to create a safe working environment, this may qualify as negligence.
  • Sporting injuries – Many sporting codes are rife with high rates of ankle injuries. Playing sport without proper safety equipment or safe training practices can create unnecessary risk.
  • Car accidents – If you injure your ankle in a car accident caused by another road user, the person at fault’s Compulsory Third Party insurer may be required to provide you with compensation.

The Personal Injury Lawyers can help you determine whether your ankle injury meets the requirements for claiming compensation.

 How long will I have to claim ankle injury compensation?

The timeframe you have in which to make an ankle injury claim may vary depending on your circumstances.

Most personal injury claims must be lodged within 3 years of the injury occurring, but this time limit can change based on where and how you were injured.

For example, some workplace injury claims must be lodged within 6 months of the accident.

If you’re thinking of taking legal action for an ankle injury, start your claim quickly to ensure you don’t miss any important deadlines.

 How much compensation will I receive for my injury?

The amount of compensation you receive will be calculated according to the severity of your ankle injury.

If your injury has prevented you from earning income, or your injury needs ongoing medical treatment, you may qualify for more damages.

You can get a detailed idea of how much you may be due by contacting us, or as a quick idea you can try our compensation calculator, or see how much others got by reviewing our example case studies.

 How much does it cost to make an ankle injury compensation claim?

Every ankle injury compensation claim is unique, and different claims often involve varying outlays and expenses.

To avoid being left out of pocket, The Personal Injury Lawyers offer No Win No Fee legal services.

Under this arrangement, you won’t have to pay for our legal costs if you aren’t awarded any compensation. If your claim is successful, any fees you’ve accrued will be taken out of your compensation.

Regardless of the costs involved with your case, you’re always guaranteed to receive a fair amount of damages if your claim is successful.

 Who pays for my ankle injury compensation?

The insurer of the person responsible for causing your injury will usually pay for your compensation.

 Why should you trust The Personal Injury Lawyers with your ankle injury claim?

The Personal Injury Lawyers have the expertise to help you build a strong case, and we specialise in personal injury cases, making us the perfect legal firm to partner with on personal injury cases.

Friendly helpful Lawyers will guide you through the claim, making it as stress free as possible. Chat, call, email or get a free claim assessment today.

 Frequently Asked Questions

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How much compensation Will I get for my Ankle injury Compensation Claim?

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