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What legal costs will I be charged for my personal injury claim?

No win no fee personal injury law firm

The Personal Injury Lawyers (TPIL) are a No Win No Fee injury claim firm. This means that you don't pay us anything unless we win your case for you and you receive compensation or damages for your accident injuries. And when we speak of not paying us anything, this does not just mean in relation to professional fees. You do not even have to pay for the outlays we have expended on your claim if we do not achieve a compensation payment for you.

You are also not required to pay us anything up front toward your costs or outlays, and nor do you during your claim. We only receive payment at the end of your case, when your compensation is paid. It is then that we prepare your final and only account, setting out our professional legal costs and outlays incurred in your claim. Once our legal fees are reduced from compensation paid into our Trust Account on your behalf, the remaining funds are transfered to your nominated bank account overnight. For more information about the No Win No Fee service we provide, click here : No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyers.

The big question that no doubt you are asking now is:

How does TPIL charge me at the end of my claim?

This is a very good question. A lot of times when we have people enquiring about making a claim, they ask what percentage of their compensation or damages payment will we take for our legal fees. In Queensland and New South Wales, we are not permitted to charge you a percentage of your compensation payment for our legal costs. We can only charge you for the work we do on your case, and for the reasonable outlays we have incurred in running your claim.

How we charge is by way of an hourly rate, however, we don't believe that it is fair to charge at a standard rate for all work undertaken on your claim. What we do is separate the work into legal and non-legal work. Legal work is that requiring the expert knowledge and experience of our personal injury lawyers, whereas non-legal work involves the administrative duties attached to a claim, such as photocopying, typing etc.  Our solicitors undertake all legal work involved in your case and are charged at the standard rate, however, those undertaking non-legal work are charged at a much lessor rate. For details of the various charge out rates,  go to the following link to submit your Request for Initial Claim Pack.

Will you take all my compensation for legal costs or will I owe you something?

This is one of the biggest queries I receive from those enquiring about bringing a personal injury claim.  The answer is quite simpy, no. The no win no fee injury claim industry is highly regulated so as to ensure that this cannot occur.  Under those regulations, you should always receive a majority of your damages, and we have to reduce our fees to comply with those regulations.

If you would like more information about these cost regulations, go to our website at the following link: Regulating Costs 

Do you want to know more about costs in a personal injury claim?

If you would like to know more about what legal fees and outlays you are looking at should you pursue a personal injury claim, then get one of our Initial Claim Packs which includes details of legal fees and outlays involved in bringing a claim.  Go to the link: Request for Initial Claim Pack.


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