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Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers: No Win No Fee Representation

Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers - Experts in all aspects of personal injury claims & accident compensation

The Personal Injury Lawyers is a 100% personal injury claim firm providing personal injury services to the Brisbane community, with offices situated at Level 5 of the Hitachi Building on the corner of George and Adelaide Streets, in Brisbane city.

The Personal Injury Lawyers, or TPIL as we are often referred to by our clients, is proud to be a home grown Queensland firm, having started out with offices on the Gold Coast in South-East Queensland, and then expanding into our Brisbane Offices in the heart of Brisbane city in 2009.  

Unlike other firms who advertise as being Brisbane personal injury firms but do not actually have offices in Brisbane and are not part of the Brisbane community, our Brisbane offices are staffed with experienced personal injury lawyers, trained by accredited personal injury specialists, and are experts in accident and injury compensation claims. Our Brisbane solicitors live and work within the Brisbane community and they therefore take their responsibilities as legal representatives within that community very seriously.   

Making personal injury claims accessible to the Brisbane community

For more than 30 years The Personal Injury Lawyers have been looking after accident and injury compensation claims in Queensland, and our growth over that period, expanding into Brisbane City with its Brisbane offices 7 years ago, and with satellite offices throughout Queensland, is a testament to the exceptional service we strive to provide to our clients. And this is supported by the fact that a great deal of the claims we handle at our Brisbane TPIL offices are through personal referral. These referrals are from both past and existing clients, who are more than happy to refer on their family and friends when they unfortunately suffer injury or disability and are in need of expert legal representation to pursue a personal injury claim. 

The Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers are a No Win No Fee personal injury law firm, offering expertise in personal injury claims on a No Win No Fee basis. We offer this service in all personal injury claims including:

The Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers also handle Total & Permanent Disability insurance claims, where injuries sustained seriously impact upon a person's capacity for employment. If you have not yourself invested in disability insurance, then you may be entitled to claim for compensation under disability insurances attached to your Superannuation Fund, Mortgage or certain personal loan contracts you hold.  We can help you identify and obtain your disability insurance entitlements. 

The Personal Injury Lawyers offer Brisbane FREE specialist legal advice in injury compensation claims 

TPIL specialise in accident and injury compensation and are experts in all aspects of personal injury law. We believe that anyone who is injured due to the fault of another, should have the opportunity to pursue injury compensation, with legal representation expert in the area of personal injury law.  The Personal Injury Lawyers therefore offer the Brisbane community a free advisory service, where those who suffer injury can obtain FREE LEGAL ADVICE as to whether they have a claim for injury compensation, and a FREE CASE APPRAISAL assessing whether it is a claim worth pursuing.

Our FREE legal service providing advice to those injured in the Brisbane community is OBLIGATION FREE, and your consultation is completely CONFIDENTIAL.   You can access this FREE service by contacting us via telephone on 1300 782 202 or by sending us a request for a FREE CASE APPRAISAL via the following link: REQUEST FOR FREE CASE APPRAISAL and you can discuss your case with us over the phone or organise an appointment with one of our Brisbane personal injury law specialists.

You can also discuss your case with us using our Livechat service on this website.

To learn more about the FREE legal service we offer go to the links: 

Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers offering No Win No Fee personal injury claim services

TPIL is a Brisbane No Win No Fee personal injury law firm. What this means is we handle your injury compensation claim for you, and you do not have to pay us until your personal injury claim is finalised and you receive your injury compensation.  And you only have to pay us if we obtain compensation for you.

There are no upfront cost or expenses and you do not have to pay anything during your claim.  TPIL pay for all expenses associated with your case throughout the duration of your claim, and defer payment of their legal fees until you receive your compensation. This means that you are never out of pocket during your claim.

In summary, you pay nothing to us until you receive your compensation and only if you receive compensation for your injuries.

NO Win NO Fee - No Worries

What our NO WIN NO FEE service means is that, if you have sustained an injury, and you believe you should receive compensation for your injuries, you really do have nothing to lose in pursuing your claim for accident and injury compensation. It takes the worry out of bringing a personal injury claim. It also means that personal injury compensation is accessible to all Brisbane residents who suffer injury through the fault of another, where they have a claim worth pursuing.

For more information about the NO WIN NO FEE legal service we offer the Brisbane community, go to the following link: No Win No Fee - No Worries

We don't just handle your personal injury claim - we give you options when you need them most

TPIL does not just handle the running of your personal injury claim to obtain lump sum compensation for you, we also provide you with much needed options when you are in most need of them. Those that suffer injury often find themselves unable to work and having to pay large medical bills and expenses. We can provide you with options to help you overcome the financial burdens that so often come hand in hand with sustaining debilitating injury, including:

  • Seeking advanced payments on damages from insurers; 
  • Advising on other options available to you such as Litigation Lending or deferring payments due to hardship;
  • Obtaining funding of your medical and rehabilitation treatment and medical needs.

For more about the services TPIL provides, go to the link at :Our Services

What costs will The Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers charge in a No Win No Fee personal injury claim?

If you would like to know what costs you will be looking at incurring should you engage us to handle your claim for injury compensation, you can request one of our FREE Claim Information Packs. This will provide you with details of legal costs and how we calculate your professional fees and outlays at the conclusion of your case. It will also provide details of the services we provide to you during your claim.  

To request a Free Claim Information Pack, click on the following link: Request for FREE Claim Information Pack

Where are our Brisbane offices?

The Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers are situated at level 5, 239 George Street, Brisbane, in the Hitachi Building, in the very heart of Brisbane city. Our offices are easily accessed via the Brisbane public transport system (bus and rail access) and parking is available in the nearby Myers Centre and the Treasury Casino Carparks, as well as the Brisbane City Council carpark in Adelaide Street. However, if you are unable to come to us due to your injuries, then we can organise a home or hospital visit  for you. 

For more information and a map of where our offices are, go to our Contact Us page at the following link: Contact the Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers

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